Renewable Energy Roadmap for Central America: Towards a Regional Energy Transition

Central America is entering a crucial decade for shaping its future energy system and is strongly engaged in the energy transition. Although the contribution by the Central American countries to the global CO2 emissions in 2018 was just of 0.2%, the region still expects to experience adverse climate effects such as shifts in precipitation patterns and average temperature rise.

The Renewable Energy Roadmap for Central America provides a comprehensive pathway for the development of a sustainable and cleaner regional energy system. It explores the role of end-use sectors electrification, the feasible expansion of renewable generation, energy efficiency solutions as well the importance of expanding the existing regional power sector integration.

Specific sector technological pathways and investment opportunities and tailor actions are important outcomes that will enrich the regional debate and help accelerate the energy transformation. The main areas of action that were identified and that are further explored in the report are:

  • Renewables expansion in electricity generation
  • Interconnection expansion
  • Sustainable mobility adoption
  • Fostering of modern cooking technologies
  • Promotion of energy efficiency