This article explores the burgeoning concept of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) in the energy sector, particularly as a means of coordinating grid congestion. The author interviews Doron Frenkel, CEO of Driivz, and Raphaël Héliot from AVERE to understand the role of V2G in the energy sector. Frenkel emphasizes the significance of bidirectional charging in electric vehicles (EVs) within the V2G context, highlighting its crucial role in the energy transition.

The article notes the rapid adoption of V2G, citing the example of the Netherlands, where the popularity of EVs has seen substantial growth. However, the swift increase in EVs presents challenges to grid management, particularly in terms of energy consumption.

V2G, as a component of the energy transition, allows EVs to function as « batteries on wheels, » capable of storing and returning energy, thus addressing energy management issues.

The challenges of scaling up V2G are mentioned, but Héliot from AVERE stresses that the technology is ready, with legislative initiatives and European projects contributing to its integration. The article highlights V2G as a crucial solution for incorporating renewable energies into the power grid and decarbonizing road transport.

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