James O’Toole explains how the UK’s Smart Energy Research Lab is enabling researcher access to smart meter data.

With over 21 million smart gas and electric meters now in Great Britain’s homes, there is a growing wealth of half-hourly and daily domestic energy use data available to those who can access it. The Smart DCC – the national secure network for digital smart meters – is currently mainly used by energy suppliers and power network operators. However, this data has enormous potential to enhance research that can inform policy and industry approaches and help build momentum towards net zero. Our consortium of universities – led from University College London (UCL) and funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) – has taken up the challenge of making domestic smart meter data available to the UK research community and the work has already begun to bear fruit.

The Smart Energy Research Lab consortium (SERL) is currently enabling access to half-hourly and daily domestic gas and electricity data from some 13,000 GB homes to 50 researchers working on 21 research projects across 17 different research organisations. In addition, we are working with government departments to facilitate their evaluation of several domestic energy saving […]

Image: 123rf