Ahmed Ashour, CEO of utility management platform Pylon, writes about how management of our energy, water and food production will benefit greatly from the application of efficiency-enhancing smart energy technologies.

Anyone over the age of thirty will be familiar with life before and after the arrival of the smartphone and understand the revolution it has brought in communications and improved productivity. The technologies driving the advancement of smartphones, tablets and supercomputers brought endless possibilities into our hands, far beyond anyone’s imagination back when they were first invented.

By Ahmed Ashour, CEO of Pylon

Now, we enter a new realm of possibilities where these technologies have further evolved and given way to the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by means of machine learning. Data-driven analytics and their resulting insights are able to deliver massive changes in our ecosystems. The management of our energy, water and food production will benefit extremely as we apply these technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity and yields. With this potential comes the imperative of delivering said changes to all nations equally and especially developing nations that are the most burdened with losses, inefficiencies and inadequate resources.

Today, we can suddenly find at our disposal ways to automatically turn off pumps or switch on lights and passively optimise devices that consume energy. We can identify energy losses as they occur and pinpoint their exact locations on the grid, […]

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