Renewable energy targets in 2022: A guide to design

Recent geopolitical and climate-related developments reiterate the need for immediate action to increase ambition for renewable energy deployment to achieve climate goals, increase energy security and improve affordability, as well as to ensure universal access to reliable and affordable energy.

This report sets out to support governments in designing renewable energy targets that can help achieve these pressing objectives. The report presents an overview of the latest updates in climate commitments made ahead of COP27, focusing on the renewable energy targets in NDCs. The analysis illustrates the existing mismatch between renewable targets in NDCs and those set in national energy plans, after presenting the latest trends in targets and an analysis of the level of ambition in renewable power targets globally.

Finally, the report provides guidance on designing targets to achieve policy objectives related to the climate and beyond, within the specific contexts of jurisdictions, including resource availability, the level of development of the renewable energy sector and necessary infrastructure, and the future energy mix.