Pavina Adunratanasee, Smart Solutions Manager for Decarbonisation and eMobility technologies at Iberdrola Australia, discusses innovation for large electricity customers in Australia and lessons for other markets.

As the demand to reduce emissions becomes more urgent, the need for new innovative solutions to support companies is becoming ever more pressing. It is also becoming more challenging for corporates looking to decarbonise their carbon footprint, with Scope 3 supply chain emissions coming under increasing scrutiny by regulators. Which goes some way to explain how a climate and clean energy expert is now leading Iberdrola Australia’s industrial and commercial customer electrification drive. Previously based out of Singapore, working on renewables and power transactions, it was the growing understanding of the potential of energy storage in solving the intermittency issue of large scale renewables that led to Pavina Adunratanasee’s move to Australia.

She describes the Australian clean technology market as “dynamic and evolving”, behind the major markets of Europe and the US in terms of technology adoption and providing huge opportunity for growth drawing on the best practices of these markets but also serving as a robust testing ground for new technologies. “We are at an inflection point on the decarbonisation trajectory where a lot of the customers are looking at procuring renewable energy or green products. But to move beyond that, we are looking at commercialising clean […]

Image : Pavina Adunratanasee, Smart Solutions Manager for Decarbonisation and eMobility technologies, Iberdrola Australia