“An interoperable system where we can jointly share, access and analyse data is the foundation of all we do,” says Daniela Sellmann, Global VP Utilities at SAP and a member of the executive board of ESMIG.

Speaking on behalf of ESMIG, Europe’s smart energy provider organisation, in a Connect interview at Enlit Europe, Sellmann said there was happiness with the first draft of the European Union’s digitalisation strategy for a common energy data model or ‘data space’. Drawing a parallel with the automotive sector data exchange Catena-X, she commented on its success saying that it had enabled new business models that wouldn’t be available otherwise. “We believe with data standards that we share across the EU, we decrease boundaries as currently it is being done on an individual and country by country basis.”

In this context regulators have an important role to play, as they do to support interoperability and other developments, Sellmann says, commenting on the presence of demand side flexibility in European legislation since 2019 but not yet being implemented in […]