Accelerating hydrogen deployment in the G7: Recommendations for the Hydrogen Action Pact

Launched by the G7 in May 2022, the Hydrogen Action Pact (HAP) aims to strengthen joint action on power-to-X (electricity storage through conversion into hydrogen), hydrogen and derivatives (especially ammonia), and to streamline the implementation of existing multilateral initiatives.

This report briefly summarises the status and outlook for hydrogen in each G7 member, including analyses of technology, costs, strategy and stated policy support for each country, and presents recommendations for accelerating global hydrogen trade.

The report features the outcomes of a cross-strategy analysis that was conducted to establish trends and common priorities, and identify differences and misalignments within the G7 membership. It also identifies the main areas where collaboration among G7 members can make the most significant difference in advancing hydrogen deployment, and provides specific recommendations for G7 members in each area. It concludes that G7 countries should promote the uptake of hydrogen use in hard-to-decarbonise sectors, while working together on certification, technology, policy making and communication.